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A Cure for Artist’s Block

I’ve discovered a cure (not THE cure, but A cure) for artist’s block – the need to earn some money.  I’ve never liked the term STARVING ARTIST.  I’m not starving. My bank account is.  I might be feeling a little lazy and overwhelmed, but seeing that my bank account is running on empty makes me suddenly feel very enthusiastic about painting something.

Bonus Cure: Today I discovered yet another cure for artist’s block – two in one day.  The second cure is the inspiration that comes from actually selling art work.  I dropped by the gallery (North End Gallery in Leonardtown, Maryland – check it out at North End Gallery) to look for a missing painting.  Someone had called and asked me if I’d taken it home.  No.  I said I’d stop by and take a look – see if it was there.  It was a small painting and could easily be overlooked.  The woman working today helped me look.  As we searched, she asked me what the title of the painting was.  I told her it was SUMMER KITCHEN.  She said, very happily, that she’d sold it.  Wow!  I was pretty excited.  I’m new to the gallery so the sale of a painting is big news for me.  I also found out that a painting had been on layaway and that it had been picked up, so I was getting paid for that one, too.  What an inspiration.  I wanted to hurry home and start painting immediately.  My first two sales.  I’m encouraged and cheered.  My step is a little lighter.  I’m an artist.  Oh, I know – I’m an artist even if I don’t sell anything.  Selling something helps self esteem – at least for me.  It means that somewhere out there my paintings are hanging on a wall and will be part of someone’s life; someone who was moved by my painting and appreciated it enough to invest in purchasing it.  On a deeper level, someone heard what I was trying to say.  I guess that’s the best part of all.

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