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I See You

This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now.  I’m going to try to find words for it.  It’s so important to me that I’ll probably come back to it again later, to explain it with artwork or a video.

My heart’s desire is that people would learn to see one another.  When I say to someone I SEE YOU, I mean that I get you, I understand and love and support you.  I get what you’re about.  I see that you have fears and some things you don’t like about yourself, but those things don’t matter to me – are invisible to me.  I chose to see past them.  I hear you, hear what’s between the lines.

I think everyone wants to be seen – really seen.

Practice this.  When you’re in a checkout line and the cashier is frustrated or seems to just want to go home, make eye contact.  Try it with your children, your friend, your co-worker.  Make eye contact and then smile.  See if you can get good at this business of letting people you come into contact with be real and be seen.  You don’t have to have a whole conversation with them.  Just see them.  Sometimes a conversation is nice, but start with seeing first.

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