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Where’s My Ejection Seat?

I have SO many difficult tasks to do today.  Where’s my ejection seat?  I gotta get outta here!  I’m on the last timeline for a wedding day edit and I’m soooo close to being finished.  The pre-ceremony turned out amazing.  The ceremony is done.  Post ceremony was fantastic.  Finished the introductions, toasts, first dance, and parent dances.  I’m ready to do the last piece – a collection of all the best dancing of the evening – set to a song.

Over on the other side of the room is a colored pencil drawing that I must finish.  It’s for printing Christmas cards to sell in the galleries.  If I don’t get it finished, I’ll be converting it into a coaster for my water glass.

Downstairs in the laundry room whites are drying and darks are washing.  No ironing today though.  There’s a full stack of logs for the woodstove.  So what am I complaining about, I wonder.  It’s not so bad.

Okay, Shelley.  You can do this.  One step at a time.  How about this?  You have a large segment of dance footage.  You’ve scrubbed through it and you know there’s some fantastic stuff in there.  You already have the song laid out on the timeline that you’ll use – thank you, Stephanie!  If you will go through that thirteen minutes of footage and pull out three and a half minutes of the best stuff you can find, you can reward yourself.  You can have a mint Oreo.  How’s that?  Okay.  I can do it.

Pause (while I edit).

Thirteen minutes of footage took twenty-five minutes to review.  The studio cat did her usual move – coming up onto the editing station and nibbling at my fingers to get my attention.  She strolled back and forth in the little tiny space between the keyboard and the edge of the desk, then finished it off with a climb onto my shoulder, onto the chair back, back to the shoulder, finally jumping away to find something more interesting to do.  Einstein, the studio dog, came in and pushed his muzzle between the desk and my elbow and looked at me.  Good times.

Success all the same.  Not only did I find all the clips I needed, but I went ahead, as long as I was on a roll, and finished the whole wedding video.  I added a title and some chapter markers.  It’s ready to go.

Now on to that colored pencil Christmas card.  Here is the photograph I’m using.  I set up a mirror on a table, put a black foam core board as the background and then took about fifty photographs while I tried to get the light just the way I wanted.  When it’s finished, I hope to sell them at a place called Keeping It Local, which is a great shop that sells MADE, GROWN, and FOUND.

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