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Thanksgiving – in good company

As I was looking up the recipe for pie crust (found I needed a lattice crust), I was suddenly aware of all the many, many other people fixing this meal.  As I wiped my hands on my apron, added shortening to a mixing bowl, deftly maneuvered the thingamabob that cuts the shortening in with the flour and salt, it was as if I could see them all, see people in all those kitchens, now and years gone by, stirring and mashing, kneading and tasting:  things broiling, boiling, and baking.  and other people setting the table with whatever our best is.  I could smell the aromas in all those kitchens – pumpkin, mincemeat, apple, sweet potato, and turkey.  I remembered my mom doing all these same things; my grandma and the moms of my friends.  It felt good to be counted among them.  It was a fine memory.

Our meal included turkey, stuffing (cooked inside the turkey this year – much better!), corn (didn’t need another dish, but felt I should provide a vegetable), kluski noodles (my personal favorite), mashed potatoes, gravy (turned out amazing), hot dinner rolls, mincemeat pie, and a pumpkin pie.  I have to say it was the best Thanksgiving meal I’ve ever made.  I was organized – until the last fifteen minutes.  Then it was chaos as everything finished at the same time.  My guest arrived at just the right time and said the magic words – What can I help you with?

After the meal, we took Einstein for a long walk.  I live in the country, so our long walk was along dirt roads.  Didn’t see anyone, but heard voices off in the woods at a neighbor’s house.  We were all three exhausted when we returned to the cabin.  It took me longer to wash the dishes than it did to cook the entire meal.  The roasting pan is soaking now – then I’ll be done.  I have no pictures of us eating as I can’t take pictures AND sit at the table.  Neither of us wanted to be the subject of a photo taken by the other and when I tried to take a picture of the two of us AND all the food (with my cell phone), it turned out dreadful.  So this is all I have to show you.

I hope you had a great day with really fine memories.  Now as evening settles on the cabin, I’m going to make a pilgrimage to the kitchen to find myself something to eat – even if its a piece of pie.

Happy Thanksgiving.

One comment on “Thanksgiving – in good company

  1. So cozy, I’m sorry I missed it, even though I had a great time at the farm as well.

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