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Liebster Blog Award – an honor

I’m grinning ear to ear.  You honor me, Mary Livingston of The Backdoor Artist, with your nomination for the Liebster Award. I thank you.

I hadn’t known there were blog awards. What a surprise and I love surprises. This nomination has sent me out into the blogging world to explore what blogging means to others and what they have to say. When we blog, we’re reaching out to others. Oh, I suppose there could be some that type their thoughts and only needed the satisfaction of hearing the click of the keys. Perhaps that is enough reward. I think most bloggers are looking to share, to make contact with peers and the like-minded, and to hear back from them. I’ve enjoyed the reaching out and the hearing back.

As Mary Livingston put it, the Liebster Award is a way of finding and recognizing those bloggers who are new to the world of blogging and have not yet reached 200 followers. Getting followers takes some time, but if you’re true to yourself, to the thing that caused you to purchase a blog, and you take time to write regularly, you’ll begin to find like-minded folks. In the past few days I’ve found a plethora of other bloggers and what an adventure.

The award rules, as told to me by Mary Livingston, go something like this: those nominated must tell 5 random facts about themselves, answer the 5 questions put to them by the one who nominated them, recommend 5 other bloggers for the award, and ask them 5 questions. I like the change from 11 to 5. Eleven of each would take quite a lot of time and that is a premium right now.

So here goes!

5 Random facts about myself:

When I was young, I thought I was invisible.
I’m designed by God and live like it.
I love to turn ordinary into extraordinary through what I paint, write, photograph or film.
I’m learning to see – not just look, but really see.
My conversations are deep rather than wide.

My answers to the questions given to me by Mary:

Q1: If you could forever fund one single charity, which one would it be?
A1: The Special Olympics. I’ve seen how much joy it brings to everyone involved and how good it is for building self-confidence.

Q2: What is your favorite volunteer activity?
A2: Serving food in a soup kitchen. I look each person in the eye and smile from my heart of hearts. I want them to know that I truly see them and appreciate them.

Q3: What surprises you?
A3: The point in each painting when I go from thinking I can’t do it to realizing I can. It surprises me every single time and I realize that I’ve sort of been holding my breath.

Q4: What is your silliest pet peeve?
A4: My dog waking me up at precisely 7:19 every morning. How does he do that?

Q5: If you were a science fiction character, who would you be?
A5: Buckaroo Bonzai. He’s a master of many trades. For real.

And now my questions to the five new nominees:

1. When was the last time you laughed until you cried?
2. What are you passionate about?
3. What is your idea of the perfect vacation?
4. What book changed your life?
5. What is one thing you would put on your bucket list?

… and my nomination for the Liebster Award are:

Pastor Chris Owens

Grace Amid Chaos

Charles Taggart

Lynda Parham

Whittlin Rich

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