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The Boy on the Ferry

On the first Friday of each month, our little town does something called FIRST FRIDAY.  The shops, galleries, and restaurants are open later and there are live bands, poetry readings, refreshments – all kinds of good stuff.  Today was First Friday.  At North End Gallery, we had a holiday party in combination with the day.  When I arrived, it was to find out that one of my paintings had sold.  The buyer asked to have our picture taken with the painting.  I was so very honored by her purchase.  She was moved by the painting and told me the story of why.  It is always, always, always my hope that my paintings inspire, awaken, or emotionally move someone.  I can think of no greater honor to the painting.  It brings home the fact that each painting is created for someone special.boy-from-the-ferry-with-shadow

I painted this quite a while ago.  It was in my portfolio when I began selling my work in a gallery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  The gallery owner saw it and asked if I would frame it and let her sell it.  I told her that it wasn’t time.  I needed to wait.  A week or so ago, I was going through my portfolio and I came across it and knew it was time.  I framed it and took it to the gallery.  They had sold both of the paintings I had there, so I left it as a replacement.  I put it in a bin for them to find for whenever they had room for it.  I had no way of knowing if it would be found or hung.  So when I arrived for First Friday and it had sold, I was very pleased.  The right person had found it and is making it a part of her life.

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