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Newtown, Connecticut is in our prayers

Third-Service-Panarama-24-long-at-72The pastor of my church asked me to take photos of the people attending the second and third services to send to our sister church in Newtown, Connecticut.  He wanted to let them know that they’re in our prayers.

There were too many people to fit in a single photo, so I took eight photographs of each service and used Photoshop to merge them into the two panoramas you see here.  It amazed me how well it worked.  I’m pleased with the results. The top photo is from our third service.  The lights were turned up just a smidge higher than the other photograph, which was taken at the second service.

To do the photomerge, I selected FILE > Automate > Photomerge.  I used browse to find the photos I wanted to use.  They loaded and I selected AUTO from the options on the left side of the window.  I wasn’t happy with the outcome, so I tried the option just under it.  That one turned out great.  I cropped it down to get rid of the uneven edges.  I think it took maybe five minutes for the software to create the panorama.

When I took the photo it brought tears to my eyes.  I was moved by how much my fellow parishioners care and by how close we are as a congregation.  They’re like family to me.  As I climbed down off the ladder, I was wiping my eyes and I saw others wiping their eyes as well.  Our hearts are breaking for the tragedy at Newtown and for the people there.  A lot of people in our country are feeling the same.  I hope the folks in Newtown know how much we’re all thinking of them and praying for them.


One comment on “Newtown, Connecticut is in our prayers

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