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Learning Something New – animation

A while back a friend and I had a dream of creating animated stories.  They were going to be true stories.  Things got in the way and we found ourselves letting the dream slip away.  I came across this clip a moment ago and the dream suddenly became fresh again.  One of the assignments we had was to animate this little fellow to simply open a door.  It forced us to really think – what goes into opening a door.  You can’t have your character simply walk up to a door and touch the knob to open the door.  He needs to grip the knob, turn it, push against it a bit, then step through.  Whippersnapper that I am, I decided my character would have trouble opening the door.  He would pull instead of push.  This whole clip is fast.  I’m not expert enough to take my time yet or to control the timing.  It was really fun and seeing this makes me want to get back to it.

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