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Calling All Artists and Crafters in Southern Maryland

mockingbirdAnnouncing the opening of Mockingbird Lane in Prince Frederick, Maryland this coming summer!!!

According to the owner, Allyn Fitzgerald, “It’s not just a store, it’s a destination”.

Do you want something other than craft fairs and makers markets to sell your creations? Are you finding that the internet just can’t get you the sales you deserve?  Mockingbird Lane is a new store opening in Prince Frederick that will be a unique retail outlet for artists and crafters who make handmade or homemade products, such as jewelers, painters, weavers, knitters, papermakers, stationers, furniture makers, home goods designers, soap and candle makers, etc. If it is homemade and is the highest quality, it has a place in our store. Mockingbird Lane will sell items that customers want, we will sell them at a reasonable price, and we will sell only items of the highest quality. “Like Etsy, but a store.” Since a large part of our inventory will be purchased as gifts, most products should be in the $20 – $200 range:

  • jewelry
  • home decor and furniture
  • organic and all-natural products (trending for 2013)
  • textiles
  • clothing and accessories
  • glassware and pottery
  • dolls/toys (trending for 2013)
  • soaps
  • candles
  • stationary/paper
  • wall and floor art
  • cosmetics
  • canned goods
  • pet products (trending for 2013)
  • antiques and vintage finds
  • items for the garden

If you’re interested in selling your art or craft items at Allyn’s new shop, use the form below and Allyn will contact you with more information.  Thank  you!

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