Moments ago, the dog chased the cat through my studio and they managed to knock over my easel with the painting on it that I’ve been working on for months.  Then they knocked the lamp off of the bookcase and it sliced through the canvas.  I’m too numb to feel the impact of this, but it’s probably the worst disaster I’ve faced with my art.

6 comments on “Devastation

  1. Terrible. I know what that is. Watercolor destroyed by splashes, pastel drawing swiped off, I cannot do oils (very allergic), but acrylic is relatively safe medium. Is there any way you could keep cat and dog out of studio? I think the best is you watch who has access when you’re painting. Really sorry to hear your story. I’d always try to recover whatever is possible. I sometimes would put sick layers of acrylic over the previous stuff, can you do this with your style? I mean, some stuff wouldn’t tolerate such approach.

    • Hi. Thank you for taking time to visit and write a few words of encouragement. The dog in question is new to our family. She belonged to our son until he was transferred to Japan. The dog – Emma – is rather like Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. Now that we’ve gotten to know her a bit, I keep her out of the studio when I’m painting. When I’m not painting, I move the easel and painting to a safe location.

      I’ve spoken with several people about how to save the painting. I’ve gotten advice that all makes sense – everything from having a professional person patch it, cut the canvas down to a smaller size, separate the canvas into two smaller paintings, add some texture, even a suggestion to simply stitch up the tears with needle and thread.

      Thank you again for your encouragement. I will definitely save most of the painting, if not all.

  2. It’s been a while since I stopped by your site and I’m so sorry to hear this happened. Luckily, from your more recent posts, it sounds like your life has taken a turn for the better since you wrote this. I like your drawing exercises too – I’ve been trying to improve my drawing as well but all I seem to be able to capture are hands. Faces are still beyond my ability.

  3. oh, my, I found myself not breathing as I read this. 😦

  4. Oh, Shelley . . . so sorry.

  5. Oh no…..Shelley —so sorry…..I know you put lots of time and love into all your works of art. Is there anyway to save it?

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