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Day 2 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

day-2-drawingThe purpose of these drawings is to hold myself accountable to art, to keep moving forward, loosen up a bit, stop trying so hard, set an example, and to learn.

I know I can draw, but I want to draw more spontaneously and I’d like the act of drawing to be an act of joy.  I want art to be a grand adventure.  I’ve gotten tangled up in the living of life rather than really being alive.  My work is my voice and it has been whimpering.

This drawing is from a photograph I took at a dress rehearsal for the Passion Play two years ago.  It means a lot to me, because the man is expressing strong emotion, giving it weight and substance.  Participating in this play, he was boldly living and invested in the experience.  I suspect that when he was finished with his role in this play, he was able to walk away feeling he’d done his best, that he’d not only portrayed the character, but while portraying his character, he’d known what it was like to BE that character.

I’m not an actor, but I’d love for my artwork to boldly proclaim it’s message, be it peace, fear, joy, a need for someone to do something about an injustice, or honoring someone.  Drawing for fifteen minutes a day is step one in that direction.  I’ve been going weeks, even months, without drawing or painting.  The answer to this seemed to be – just start with this; draw fifteen minutes a day.  Just start there and don’t look beyond.  When the beyond gets here, we’ll regroup.

So here I am – at the beginning of day 3.

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