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Day 3 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day


I did two drawings for day three – both of a friend.  The first one was done in my little art journal, where the rest of the daily drawings are.  I drew it with pencil and then added some color with colored pencils.  The whole drawing was maybe three inches tall.  Later in the day I started wondering what it would look like with charcoal on some Canson Mi-Tientes Pastel paper that I had on hand.  I’m afraid it took longer than fifteen minutes this time.  I drew it while watching TV, so it took more like ninety minutes.  I was feeling restless.  For the past week I’ve been working on lesson plans, house cleaning, gardening, photography, and some film editing.  I do actually have a good book to read, but I didn’t feel like reading the whole evening.  Getting out the paper and charcoal pencils, I sat out in the loft and drew.  It was a little dark in the loft, but I worked on the drawing as best I could in the light of the one lamp next to the futon.  I put it aside at bedtime.  I would take a closer look at it in daylight.  In the morning I saw a few things that could be changed, but I was pleased with the drawing overall.  I’m encouraged.

I’ll put the first drawing down below so you can see the comparison.  With charcoal I was able to get a better likeness.  The small drawing was difficult to correct – both because of the small size and because colored pencil is nearly impossible to erase.


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