Day 4 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

day-4-drawingMy first sheep.  She was relaxing in some shade.  I drew her with a mechanical pencil, then added waterproof ink outline.  I took a charcoal pencil and darkened in the areas that called for it.  It seemed a little rough, because she was a gently colored sheep.  I took a blending stick and smoothed out the dark areas.

That’s my drawing for today.

2 comments on “Day 4 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

  1. Thank you! I appreciate hearing that. Not to worry. You may have a season another time when you can do a daily drawing. I’ve waited quite a while myself. Today was it was a little hard, because I was very busy, with lots of errands, lunch out, dinner out, etc. When I finally got back home and up to my studio, I was weary. I had to look a long time for something to draw. I shouldn’t been so picky. All I can say was it was probably being tired. The sheep turned out fine. I learned from it.

  2. Couldn’t find the “like” button. Lots of nice stuff here. I like people who are drawing, and I like good drawings, as well. I’d love to be able to do something every day, unfortunately, my medical translations (which are sometimes huge) don’t allow that. Great drawings!

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