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Day 6 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day


Meet Buffy.

I’m filming a documentary about Sustainable Farming and have gotten to know this young lady quite well.  The first day we met, she looked me over and hopefully gave me thumbs – er, rather, claws up.

The turkeys are in the middle of raising their poults (babies).  The mothers are excellent teachers – how to eat, how to get from one area of their domain to another, how to roost.  The toddlers are even teaching the newest poults how to do these things.  There are still mommas’s-to-be sitting on eggs.  It’s been very enjoyable to film the progress of brooding moms, newborn poults, and to see them grow up.

This drawing took twenty-five minutes.  I got carried away and forgot to watch the time.  I’m going to bring a timer up into the studio so I stick to the fifteen minute limit.  Buffy was worth the extra time.



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