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Day 7 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

I’m weary.

Call it jet lag … or kayak lag.  Yesterday was such an amazing day.  Our day of filming for the documentary started out on the water.  When we arrived at the place where we would launch the rowboat, they took a small, one-person kayak out of the rowboat and put it in the water.  They handed me a life vest and told me to get into the kayak.  My knees started to shake.  What?  Me?  Get in that little kayak all by myself.  Oh, my!  Oh, my!  Oh, my!  I pretended I was cool with it.  So I stumbled/fell/lowered my self into the tiny boat.  They handed me something that looked a stick with a big spoon on each end, gave me a bit of a push and sent me off into the river.  “We’ll catch up to you shortly” they called.  “What was that you said?”  Ah, well.  I’d seen kayaks on TV.  How hard could it be?


Hey.  This isn’t so bad.  In no time at all I was able to take my kayak where I wanted it to go.  Once out in the water a good ways, they had me paddle over to their rowboat and they tied a rope to the front of the kayak, the other end to the rowboat.  I was instructed to do my best so Frank wouldn’t have to row both them and me the whole way.  They said it very graciously, but I took the task seriously.  Try to paddle.  Paddle.  Paddle, Shelley.  We were out there for quite a while.  It was a little hard on my back, because I could lean back a wee bit, but not like in a high backed chair.  I could stretch my legs out, but that put all the work in my arms.  If I put my feet on the peddle-like gadgets down in the boat, my knees stuck up and the paddle hit my knees.  Ah, well.  I alternated – stretched out/knees sticking up.  I did better than I thought I would.  I kept up with the rowboat most of the time.  Once in a while I’d let Frank do all the work.  I’d rest my arms for a few seconds, then paddle on.  I was supposed to be filming, so I had my camera on the floor of the kayak, within easy reach so I could take lots of photos and video.  We took time to drift in the water and have a picnic breakfast.  Other times, we floated free for a while as Frank read aloud and Christina crocheted.  I snapped photos and took video.

It was a morning I’ll never forget.  Sometimes I was scared and other times I thought I’d like to have a kayak of my own.  It was great exercise.

Today – the day after.  I thought my arms would be really tired.  Not.  I thought my back would be really sore.  Not.  I do have a pretty colorful sunburn.  And I’m tired.  Weary.  It was worth it.

Day 7 Drawing

This fifteen minute drawing reflects my weariness.  I used only a mechanical pencil.  I worked for thirteen minutes.  Couldn’t push myself any farther.  Sorry.  I’ll make it up to you.

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