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Day 10 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

Today’s drawing is going to be in preparation for a bigger project.  I need to do some new artwork for a show later in the month.  Since I live in Maryland, land of blue crabs, boating, the Chesapeake Bay, horses, and great people, I’m going to do some local stuff – starting with the blue crab.


I’m using Strathmore Artagan Coal Black drawing paper and wax based colored pencils.  I like to use Derwent Coloursoft and Prismacolor Premiere pencils.  I’ve drawn out the crab using a white pencil.  Even though my fifteen minutes was used up just doing the preliminary drawing, I want to continue work and show the phases of the project, start to finish.

This one leg took me twenty-five minutes to complete.


Maryland Crabs, when fresh are blue.  Once they’re steamed they turn orange.


As I add more and more color, you’re going to have to begin to trust me.  You’re thinking that there’s no way a crab could be those colors.  Ha!  I say.  Give me time.

In fact, to really worry you, let’s go even farther.  Do you trust me?  No?  Just stand by.  We’ll see what happens.


Perhaps you can begin to trust me now.  At not quite halfway, you should be starting to see what this might look like when it’s finished.


I worked for eight hours on the crab.  As I was finishing up, the TV announced a tornado warning for our area.  I had to turn off my computer and go to the basement.  As I was preparing to go down I thought of what I’d take with me.  It was the first time that I had to consider that a tornado might actually touch down here and destroy the cabin.  I looked around the studio at the piles of prints waiting for matts and clear sleeves in preparation for the upcoming art show.  If they were blown away, what would I do?  Start over, I guess.  Get new prints.  One last look and I decided to take the crab and the eleven colored pencils I was using.  That was what I’d save if I could save anything.  No matter what else happened, I could show up at that show on the 22nd with a colored pencil drawing of a crab.  Yes!

The crab is done.  Tomorrow I’ll start something new.  It was a fun project.  Only at the very end did I start to feel ready to be done.  I suppose that’s normal.  The other seven hours and fifty minutes I felt peaceful as I worked, lost in the drawing.

Sleep well, my friends.


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