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Day 11 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day


Well, here I go again.  I didn’t get much done in fifteen minutes.  I’m going to continue this project though.  I’ll show you the final outcome.

Einstein was my Day One drawing, but this time I’m going to draw him for real.  I enjoyed working on the crab so much that I think Einstein is a good subject for colored pencil on the Strathmore Artagan paper as well.  I’d used colored pencil for children’s book illustrations, but had only done watercolor and oil on the really dark background.  I’ve figured out that my style is Chiaroscuro – dark backgrounds with dramatically lighted subject matter.  That’s been my style even before I knew it was called Chaiaroscuro.

For this colored pencil drawing, I’m going to start light and work to dark, using layers.  Let’s see how that goes.

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