My endeavor to draw fifteen minutes a day has been a success. I will move on now. The goal was to get me to move forward. I was going weeks and sometimes months between drawing or painting. I thought I would have to draw fifteen minutes a day for a year, but perhaps not. I not only drew each day, but I had trouble stopping. I would start a sketch and it would make me think of something else to draw or I’d go back and embellish what I’d already started.

I think I must do art every day and continue to experiment with papers and media. I need to remember that when it feels like I can’t go on or that I’m bored with a project, it’s time to add some salt and pepper and give it a little zest. No giving up. Worst case, start over. Get out the knitting needle and get some comparison measurements BEFORE it’s too late. In fact, one valuable lesson is this:

Sit and look at your subject for a while before you do anything. Just sit and look. Really see it. Think about it. Squint at it. Decide where the large areas are and work from big to small.

I’m not an expert. I’m still learning. I think I’m more in need of learning now than I ever was. That’s good. Learning keeps my brain in shape and it makes me feel young.

Farewell to fifteen minute a day drawings. Perhaps we’ll meet again.

Today’s project was a continuation of yesterday’s fifteen minute sketch. Once again, I used Prismacolor Premiere and Derwent Coloursoft Colored Pencils. The paper was a pebbly gray Canson MiTientes.

Day 14 Drawing - 04

2 comments on “Junior

  1. You inspire me, Shelly! I am taking my first painting workshop in 20 yrs. on Friday. Our oldest daughter and I are doing the acrylics class together in Greensboro, NC. I always read your blog and am going to try drawing 15 mins. a day!

    • Karen, my heartfelt thanks for your kind remarks. What a great time you and your daughter are going to have on Friday. I’d love to hear all about it when you get back. I’d also love to hear how your fifteen-minute-a-day drawings are going.

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