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Jersey Buff Turkeys

I’m taking a break from drawing.  The documentary I’m filming on Sustainable Farming is going very well.  I want to share a couple of still photos I’ve taken at the farm.

This is a Jersey Buff turkey.  There are only about eighty in the world and forty of them are at the Allen Farm.  In the photograph below you can see two of this mama’s brand new Poults.  They were born only hours earlier.  The turkey mothers croon to the poults while they’re still in the egg.


Below is a poult that is two weeks old.  The mother has taught this baby to eat, to seek safety, to stay near her, and to get up onto roosts.


It’s been a pleasure to spend time with the turkeys.  Until I began working on the documentary, I’d only heard the sound of a turkey.  We have them in the woods around our cabin.  Jersey Buff turkeys are heirloom quality turkeys – very healthy for you.

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