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Below is an image of last night’s super moon, as taken with my Canon 5D MKII.  The photograph exceeds my expectation.  I didn’t think it was possible to get the detail that I see here.  I’ve seen clearer photographers on other sites, but I’m pleased with my own photograph as I learned so much from taking it.  I started out just holding my camera.  Dah!  Then I got out a tripod.  It was so dark out on the back deck that I was guessing at which button and dial did what.  I have no experience at taking photographs of the moon, so I wasn’t sure if I turn ISO up or down, turn shutter up or down, turn Iris up or down – and in what combination.  I took at least one of each.  The clearest photo I took was at the settings of ISO 400, f/5.6 and 1/640.  Seriously – I lucked out.  The temperature was set at 5200 degrees k, because that’s what I’d used at another photo shoot.  Yet, I like the results, lucky or not.


I used Photoshop to adjust the levels so that I could see the terrain of the moon a little better.

I learned that the brightest and whitest areas on the moon are the new craters.


Earlier in the day I was selling my artwork at a Beerfest at St. Mary’s City.  I had spent all week printing, matting, framing, packaging, making lists of things to take along.  As I assembled the pieces and parts of what I thought would constitute an art booth, the aftermath consists of piled up dirty dishes in the kitchen, unopened mail, mat scraps, discarded printouts, and a plethora of sticky note reminders.

Some friends warned me that a beerfest might not be the place where folks are looking to buy art.  They were right, though I did sell hand-drawn and painted bookmarks, magnets, and also a bunch of notecards of the crab.


The best part of the event was sitting at my very own tent, filled with artwork that can now go to the gallery.  Even better was the fact that my tent/booth was in the shade of a great big tree.  It was wonderful spending a whole day sitting outside in the shade, a nice little breeze coming along every once in a while.  It was like having a whole day to sit on the front porch in my favorite swing.  It was a day I’ll always remember and that will probably be hard to top.


In the background, out in the sunshine, you can see many people standing about.  They were waiting for the next band to begin.  The stage was actually behind us, to the left (not in this photo) so many people set up their chairs in the shade to enjoy the music.  It was delightful to see so many families relaxing in chairs, sitting at picnic tables, on blankets, or just sitting in the grass.

This was only the third year for this festival.  The first year there were seven vendors and that included the beer vendors, which were the stars of the festival.  This year the festival covered the entire grounds of the old city and the parking lots were full to overflowing.


It was the first time for me to participate in a Beef Festival.


I now have a tent.  I can look forward to more opportunities to use it, I hope.


You can see what a very fine day it was.


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