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Drawing Brooke – Phases 4 and 5

It’s been a good day; a productive day.  I live in a small town and sometimes have to drive up to one of the cities to get things.  Today I found 11×17 printer paper close to home.  I can now print out a storyboard template and launch the new book we’re working on.  More about that later.

I was stretched thin today and pulled every which way, but found a few hours to work on the drawing of Brooke.

I read that when you build a house, you should start with the parts of the house that can’t be seen from the road.  Perhaps its because we should make any mistakes due to the learning process on the unseen areas of the house.  It could also be that if we first do the part everyone can see, we might lose interest in the project and never get to the unseen parts.  Maybe we’ll grow weary and not do a very good job on the unseen parts; hurrying to finish.  All of that came rushing back at me today as I worked on Brooke’s drawing.  I started with the eyes – my favorite part of any drawing or painting.  I ended up pretty much finishing the main part of the face.  I’ve gone and left the shirt, ears and forehead to the end.  Will I slack off now and rush to finish?  I can almost hear Barbara Bassett standing over me, tsk, tsk, tsk, she might say.  Shelley, slow down.  Maybe she’d even say, Shelley, start over.  Yikes.  So I’m trying to take my time.


I do find myself wanting to take shortcuts on the remaining areas.  Since the facial features were the focal point, I’m wondering if I ought to have less detail and less line in the forehead, ears, and shirt.  Hmmm.  Something to sleep on, I guess.  Tomorrow is another busy day; drawing, editing, cleaning, laundry, cooking – all good.

I know that tomorrow, my drawing time will be spent adding more, but also going in and softening areas that are too harsh, darkening up some areas, and squinting to see if I’ve captured the main areas of contrast.  I can hardly wait.  I’m certain that before I even fix my bowl of cereal, I’ll be sneaking up to the studio to work for a wee few seconds.  Right.


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