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Drawing Brooke – Phase 6

I’m ready to be finished.  I’ve mentioned before that I reach a point where I need to be done.  When I scanned the drawing this time, I thought I’d label it Brooke-Finished.  After scanning it, I was able to look at it with Lightroom and every flaw glared at me defiantly, shouting OH, YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE FINISHED, DID YOU?


It would be a good idea to let it go until tomorrow.  Today was a very full day again and I’m weary.  I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted to, but I accomplished some things that I hadn’t expected to.

At this point (NEARLY FINISHED!!!) with the drawing, I’ve discovered that my pencils of choice are the Derwent Graphic 6B pencil and the General’s Primo HB Charcoal pencil.  I also discovered that the best eraser for this project was the Pentel Click Eraser.  I was given the name of another great eraser – the Tough Stuff Eraser (recommended by TimBush222).  I have not found one in the area yet.  It’s inexpensive and better to purchase it somewhere than to pay shipping that exceeds the cost of the eraser.  So I’m stuck with the Pentel for now.

What did I find the hardest to draw?  I had a tough time with the hair and eyebrows.  Brooke’s hair is a pure white for the most part, mixed with some darker gray on the top of his head.  I also struggled with the eyes.  I didn’t have the angle of the two eyes right and it took me a long time to figure it out.  I kept measuring and assuring myself they were right.  Then all of a sudden I measured and they weren’t right.  The cause was that I’m working from a photograph on a large screen computer monitor.  My drawing was nearly the same size as the image on the monitor.  To check my angles, I had to hold up my paper to the monitor and try to juggle a knitting needle to get my angle, then move it across to the paper, without losing the angle.  If I needed to make a mark on the paper, I had to put the paper down and try to keep my knitting needle at the correct angle while grabbing a pencil and making a mark.  Whew!  I tried using a really long ruler, with the paper against the computer screen, right beside the photograph.  I then looked at comparison points on the drawing to see where the mark should be.

I know I’m making it sound complicated and might be putting you off to using angles and measurements.  Even with the complications of it, I still firmly believe in it.  For 95% of the drawing effort, my measurements were correct the first time I began to draw and I was able to draw with confidence.  The 5% was for the left eye, the left ear and the right side of his forehead.  The eye took heavy duty erasing, but the other two places were easy to adjust.

What was the easiest to draw?  The wrinkles.  They gave me great comparison points for everything else and they, along with the shadows, are what made Brooke look like Brooke.

Thank you for letting me share this project with you.  I think this phase 6 image is my final entry for this project.  I’ll be moving on to another project or subject.  I’d like to post a few of the photographs I’ve taken at the farm where I’m shooting the documentary on Sustainability Farming.

On a sadder note (related to the documentary), the poult (baby turkey) that I filmed as it hatched on Monday was killed yesterday.  When a turkey is afraid, they get way down in the grass and sit perfectly still until the danger passes.  We think one of the larger turkeys didn’t see the wee thing and stepped on it.  Poor baby!

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