My New Hobby

Oh, my!  I’m knitting!  Me!  Knitting!  Crazy.  Of course, the only thing I can make are washcloths.  People are trying to talk me into making something ELSE!  Like scarves.  PLEASE, they say, MAKE SOMETHING ELSE.  But for now, I like making washcloths.  My first one wasn’t square and it had a bunch of holes – but I love it!


I’ve made a lot of them since I learned on June 8th.  I’m on number 25.  I still make mistakes, but I keep those for myself.  I use them as dishcloths, pot holders, and washcloths.

Maybe when I’ve made 100, I’ll make a scarf.

2 comments on “My New Hobby

  1. It is the same with me and my knitting. A prayer for all the stitches for the new baby or for the elderly if it is a prayer shawl that it might be a comfort to them.

    • One day I’ll try something like a prayer shawl. I crocheted one for my mom. She’s always cold. She has Alzheimer’s now and doesn’t remember I made it or where it got off to. It was my first one and was pretty wobbly looking. It’s soft and warm though.

      The little washcloths that I’ve made for myself cheer me. I love the bright colors. I use them every day and have begun to give them away. I hope they lift the spirits of the receivers as they’ve done for me.

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