Log Cabin Light

There’s just something about the light in a log cabin.  It must be the warmth of the wood, which is everywhere.


The photograph below is one of about one hundred that I took.  Once again, it’s taken in the cabin, so has a warmth about it.  Each person had to carry a watercolor block around and pose with it.  Some were serious, but many were simply silly.  We had a lot of fun with the project.  The image below is the first test of what I can do with all of these images.  I opened it in Photoshop and added some text and a filtered image of Sakura.


I’d actually like to add artwork or illustrations to the photograph – like this


I can see that I have some work to do.  I don’t know a significant amount about masks and feathering.  There’s probably even a way to make it look like the hands are on top of the artwork.  I know just enough to get by.  That’s really no excuse, because I have limitless resources at my fingertips for learning about Photoshop.  Still, I love the idea of putting stuff on the sketch pad.

2 comments on “Log Cabin Light

  1. Thanks! Nah, I just copied the artwork (a pen and ink I show in an earlier post), pasted it on top of the sketch book, resized it by grabbing the handles. Then it was crooked, so I discovered that if I hover the house just off to the side of a handle, I get a curved looking doo-dad. I click when that’s visible and it lets me rotate the image. That’s usually the way it goes for me – good guesses. Well, not always. Sometimes no manner of guessing solves the problem.

    But thank you for your kind words.

  2. That’s actually really good for a beginner. It looks like you know more than me lol 🙂

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