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A little fun with color!

I must admit that I felt rather like a little girl in school as I added color to my pen and ink drawing.  It was truly an experiment; something I seldom let myself do.  I started out with watercolor pencils, then got out the oil pastels.  I didn’t like that very much.  Too clunky for the fine lines.  Next I got out the Faber-Castell pastels and Stabilo pastel pencils.  Now that was really kind of fun and worked nicely for a project of this size and detail.  I had no plan of attack, but just jumped in with color.  The lake was a surprise.  It was supposed to be the sky touching the horizon, but it turned into a lake all by itself.  The other part of the experiment was to let the hands cover up part of the artwork, so that it looks like she’s really holding it.

I look forward to more experimenting.  Thank you, Jack Leisure, for suggesting PhotoShopEssentials for lessons on Adobe Photoshop.  I didn’t use the site for creating this image, but I found lots of great ideas to try out in my next experiment.


One comment on “A little fun with color!

  1. Great work Shelly. I started slow with clunking around in Photoshop then Patti started helping me. And finally I went back to school. Patti says I have passed her by.

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