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Whew! Filming is complete!

Filming for the documentary is finished.  I filmed on Friday from 7:30 am to … well, I ended up spending the night in the cottage on the farm, because I was too exhausted to drive home.  I’m glad I stayed, because it gave me one more chance to do some early morning filming.

Menu Complete


Christina, owner of the farm, worked much harder than I did.  Not only did she make everything on the menu, but she had to do all of the normal farm work and harvest the ingredients for the meal.  I’m so impressed with how organized she was.  Better yet, she did it with a glad heart, a joyful heart.

Friday morning we had breakfast there in the farm’s kitchen.  We talked about the things that would take place over the course of the day.  We were all excited.  Christina was nervous about having a wireless microphone on her all day.  It seemed the best solution, because she would be moving around so much, going from room to room, going in and out of the house.  She said something funny and I laughed so hard, tears rolled down my cheeks.  Conversation, planning, and laughter made for a great start to the day.



Here’s the little table where we shared many meals over the months of filming.  I think I’ll always recall the sounds and smells of that kitchen – good memories.

Nearly everything used in the dinner came from the farm, including the towel used to dry dishes.  Christina grew the cotton, spun it, and then she wove it together into a beautiful, but useful, work of art.



Christina worked and worked; slicing, dicing, ladling, scooping, patting, and rolling until the whole house was filled with the aroma of shepherds pie, fresh flowers, fig cookies, and fresh baked bread.


Most of the things used for the meal came from this garden.  The meal was planned for this day because of the abundance still available in the garden.


Finally we had one last breakfast together – leftover pumpkin pie with ice cream.  What a wonderful breakfast!


Christina, thank you for a truly amazing experience.  You set a great example to me and have made me a better person.

Now to edit a gazillion film clips into a story.


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