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Cart before the horse

Now that filming is complete for the documentary on sustainable farming, it’s time to change the focus of my work.  Some next steps are to get videos of varying lengths ready to submit to film festivals, TV producers, and for DVD sales.  The sustainable farmer for this documentary is Allen Heirloom Homestead, owned by Christina and Frank Allen.  Christina has spent many months with me as her shadow.  She took me through the entire process of spring planting through harvest.


Over the months of filming, I filmed and learned about planting, composting, weeding, insects, one plant shading another, chickens helping with insects, where NOT to walk in a garden (an eye-opener for me), what to do when some of those adorable baby chicks turn out to be roosters, making soap, cider, fruit leathers, and more.   I went into the project having never heard the term Sustainable Farming.  Now I know and there’s no turning back.

The goal of the project is to give people an appreciation for what they eat and particularly, where it comes from.  For instance, did you know that (thinking of crude oil, it’s cost and how much we use) that it takes 10 calories worth of oil for every calorie of food that you eat?  It turns out that we can do better.  Much better.  It doesn’t take a professional to make that happen.  Each person, wherever they may live, can work at making it happen.  Even if your contribution is simply to purchase fruits and vegetables locally, you’re voting with your dollar.

Christina Allen is a sustainable farmer, but she is also actively involved in supporting other local farmers, in teaching about sustainable farming, and she is incredibly talented.  She has built a row boat, written an award winning children’s book called “A Microchip on my shoulder”, and she is an amazing artist.


She has done the artwork for the DVD that will be sold later on down the road.


The first use of the DVD will be the small release of several 15 minute versions of the video.  The DVD label will actually be a coupon.  The artwork will be the same, but there will be a coupon as part of the artwork.  Later on, the recipient will return the coupon DVD to us and they’ll receive a substantial discount on the final DVD.   To be good stewards of the earth and recycle the coupon DVDs, we’ll give them out again and again.

My work right now is focused on designing that coupon DVD and editing the fifteen minute segment of the documentary.  Creating that small segment is actually inspiring me for the larger projects.

This information actually belongs on my film website, but this is where I weave together all the creative parts of my life and my work, so I hope you don’t mind seeing it here instead.


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