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Me by Clara

A delightful side benefit of filming the dinner for the documentary was that I got my portrait drawn by a future famous artist.

A family of four were among the guests for the dinner.  The two daughters were a delight.  They wanted to be helpful, enjoyed being there, and they helped served a plate of cookies to the other guests, taking their job very seriously.  When I took a break from filming I asked the girls if they liked to draw.  Oh, YES!

Christina took us out to her studio to collect some mat scraps and a bucket of colored pencils  We returned to the main house and I gave out assignments.  They drew the characters for a book that I’m illustrating.  As the evening drew to a close, I gave them one last project.

They were to go room to room and find someone to draw.  I told them to observe the person carefully, memorizing their clothes, shoes, hair color, eye color, if they were tall or thin.  They both ran off to explore the possibilities.  I went back to filming.  At one point I turned to look at something and there was the youngest girl peeking at me from a doorway.  She retreated.  I filmed some more.  When the drawings were complete, they came to show me what they’d done.  I was supposed to guess who the subject of each drawing might be.  The first drawing, done by the older sister, was of their father.  My correct guess was repaid with a smile.  The younger sister handed me her drawing.  There looking up at me from the scrap of matboard was me.  I was the only one there with long hair and I could tell that the shoes were my own.  Is this me?  I asked.  Her head bobbed up and down.  Ah.  Well, done.

Times like that make us richer, don’t they?


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