The photo that didn’t compete.

Even though my site is supposed to be about art, the other parts of my life are so woven into my art that it’s not possible to pull out just one fiber.  Tonight I went to our local camera club and I was going to enter one of my photographs in the monthly competition.  It would be my first time.  I had trouble printing out the photograph.  What you see on your computer is rarely the same as what is printed out on the printer.  Alas!

I drove across town to the library where the meeting was being held.  The meeting room was buzzing with conversations and the tables up front were already full of the printed competition entries.  There is also a digital entry platform for the competition, but I didn’t get my entry sent in soon enough.  I walked over to the tables and looked at the other photographs.  They were amazing – even the novice photographs.  I turned around and walked out the building and to my car.  I sent my friend, Beth, a text telling her I wasn’t ready.  She said “Grrrrrrrr”  She was right.  I should have at least stayed to support her.  Photography is very important to her and she’s so talented, I can understand why.  So I turned around and went back.  I learned a lot, so I’m glad I went back.  Beth hugged me.

Maybe I’ll enter something in January for the competition that month.  Maybe.

Here’s the photo that I took with me, but didn’t enter.  I’ve shown it in past blogs, but it’s still one of my favorite flowers.


2 comments on “The photo that didn’t compete.

  1. I have one in my backyard here in Oregon, exactly same color, still blooming . . .
    auntie j

  2. Shelly,
    Try Mpix or Meridian for your prints. They are responsibly priced and they color correct for you. I have used both and love them.


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