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A little of this, a little of that

A Canon 5D MKII, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and some video footage for the sides of the cube. I have this idea in my mind that I’d like to have a cube hovering over someone’s hand and that it would have video clips on each side. I want to manipulate it – make it spin, etc. At first I thought it would be easy, then I thought it would be impossible. I woke up in the night with the idea of giving it a very green background and then in Premiere Pro making the green disappear – rather like a virtual green screen. I admit that it’s a rush to take an idea and figure out how to make it reality. It’s even more exciting when I use software (Adobe After Effects) that is quite a challenge.

The most difficult part was combining some practice footage of a person with the cube, making the cube follow along with whatever actions the subject made. She flicks it so it starts spinning and moves closer to the us, the viewers, then has it move back toward her, only to blow it away quickly. There are still some bugs to work out, but those can only be fixed by time and effort.

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