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I cloned a human!!!

Ever wish there were more than one of you?  Well, don’t over think it – the part about a bigger food budget and more bedrooms and college tuition for all of the YOU’s.

I used Adobe After Effects (AE) for the special effect.  I filmed the scene with a camera on a tripod.  The subject moved from spot to spot.  I put multiple copies of the film segment on top of one another in an AE timeline and, using the pen tool, I drew around a different subject in each of the six segments on the timeline.  The time consuming part is that I had to advance the clip one frame at a time and tweak the edges of the subject.  As she turned her head to talk to one of the other “hers” or as she moved her arm, I had to adjust the line around that part of her.  The end result was that all of the different subjects are in one final segment.

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