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Please, sir, may I have …

some more?  Just like Oliver, I’m hungry for more. I’m supposed to be sketching and painting on paper and canvas.  What am I doing instead? I’m expanding my skills on the computer.  The more determined I become to do art, the more I want to work with film. All is not lost however. I’m doing small drawings of things to scan into the computer for the times when I’d rather use hand-drawn art rather than computer generated drawings. Both are great, but since I can draw I want to make use of it.


I finally figured out how to add texture to the images I create in Adobe Illustrator.  I suppose there’s an easier way, but I took the image into Photoshop.  I created patterns and added them there, saved the image, and opened it up in Illustrator again so it would be a .ai file and maintain the invisible background that I need for my animation.

My confidence is up and I’m excited about adding other buildings, trees, birds, people, streets, and cars.  I have a feeling there will be a green screen involved.  The curtains in the top floor windows are the curtains in the entry way of the cabin.  I also used the same curtains as a cafe curtain for the bottom half of the front door.  For the roof I grabbed a slate texture.

I had a little too much fun, I suppose, because it used up the entire day.  My brain is buzzing with ideas for next steps.

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