Timothy’s Greens Grocer

To keep myself on track (that my work is supposed to include a good deal of sketching and painting) I’ve begun designing the buildings for my 3D village with pencil and paper. The benefit of that is being able to think it through a little slower. When I use Adobe Illustrator only, I tend to rush (because I can) and that prevents me from thinking it through.

I’d like to introduce you to my new little grocery store – Timothy’s Greens Grocer.

Sketched Grocery


Taking my little sketch into Adobe Illustrator, I recreated it as closely as I could.  I’m still unsure about the siding.  I sketched it up and down, but digitally created it side to side.


Little grocery store, I’d like you to meet your neighbor, the pet shop.


3 comments on “Timothy’s Greens Grocer

  1. Wow, I am so glad you posted your little grocery store. What a great job you have done on the design. I have done little buildings for many years, and have a christmas village in paper. Never even thought to post it. but I will.
    I really like what you made. I used to use Corel draw (loved it) but now am learning illustrator, so it goes slowly now.

    • Hello. Thank you for taking a moment to visit and have a wee bit of conversation with me. For most of my life I’ve been in love with making and collecting little houses and buildings. I love drawing them and designing them. I love daydreaming about what the next one will look like. My current project is to make a digital pop-up book, so these buildings are part of that. I look forward to seeing your paper Christmas village. I’ve done okay with Illustrator for drawing shapes. I struggle with adding textures to my shapes. Can’t figure that out. So keep taking my project from Illustrator to Photoshop – back and forth, until it looks like what I have in my mind.

      • Yes I too go back and forth to photoshop and illustrator. I also have been fascinated with small buildings, little houses and the fantasy of it all. I want to do a children’s story cut out village they can download and play with. SToo many projects, thanks for the response, the comments are very rewarding too.

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