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A very good day

It was a swell day.

It has been a pretty busy time and it actually has absolutely nothing to do with the Christmas.  The documentary is due to be completed this month.  We’ve decided not to take the “Film Festival” route.  We’re getting too many calls and requests for the DVD.  So we’re going to go ahead and get them made as soon as the editing is completed.  The editing!  Whew!  I’ve been eating at my desk, falling asleep at my desk, and trying to figure out how I can walk the dog from my desk.  I cancelled almost every meeting I had last week so I could spend as much time editing as possible.

The vision for the documentary has changed a couple of times, so the direction of my editing has had to change with it.  By Friday I had put together a 90 minute documentary and felt very displeased with it.  I seem to have lost my vision, my direction for it.  It felt disjointed and wandered aimlessly through a mass of footage and narration.  It wasn’t really as bad as all that, but I seemed to be looking at it with a little cloud all around my head.  Christina came and sat with me all afternoon.  We dissected the movie and talked about goals and direction.  We started at the beginning and got through 1 minute and 33 seconds of it.  We felt better even though we’d covered so little ground.  That minute and a half set a theme for the rest.  We worked well as a team and the session restored our excitement about the project.  When we came up against a bump, one or the other of us would have an ah-ha moment and say, “Hey!  What about the footage we shot in June of the …” and we’d be off and running again.  The rest of the movie follows the theme, so we have a better idea of what lies ahead.  We agreed that we need to sit together like that and brainstorm several more times.  Its very difficult for Christina to leave the farm for great periods of time, so we’ve decided to spend the time there at the farm and sit and work together as much as we can.  I’ve ordered a new hard drive.  I dare not take the one I have anywhere.  If I drop it or it gets shaken in the car, we could lose the entire project.  When the new drive comes, I’ll copy the 2.5 TB project over and then I’ll feel safer about traveling around with the project.



We have a website for the movie now – http://TheDinnerMovie.com and we have our first sponsor – Murray McMurray Hatchery.  We also have our first DVD order.  Now that I see all of that together, I’m feeling a little shaky.  My goodness.  The pressure is on.

I filmed every couple of days for eight months (I can’t even imagine how much footage that means) and probably took more than 5,000 photographs.  All of it has been catalogued and is organized.  When I want to talk about harvesting potatoes, I know exactly where to go.  Christina knows the order that things should be in and she has the knowledge about how to describe it.  I’ve never before done such an amazing project.  It’s life-changing.

All of the footage has been filmed with a Sony NX5U and a Canon 5D MKII.  The stills were taken with the Canon 5D MKII, with the exception of the one above and the one below.  Those were taken with my cell phone.


This is the mosaic that Christina is working on.  She’s covering the entire back porch floor with a mosaic that will rival anything I’ve ever seen from Pompeii.  I can’t wait to share with you how the finished project looks.  Every year at this time, Christina takes on a large project.  There’s always work to do on a sustainable skills farm, but there’s a little less of it right now.  She still has to care for the animals, but the garden is less work.

This is an adventure!  It has drawn on every skill I possess – writing, drawing, painting, graphics, photography, film, and throughout it all I’ve learned so much about farming and sustainable skills.  I also learned how to knit.  Let’s not forget that.



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