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Treasure Found

Yesterday I went on an adventure – to a book sale.  Our local library held it’s annual book sale.  Books from all of the libraries in the county are packed up in boxes, loaded into multiple rental trucks, and taken to our county fairgrounds, where they were unpacked onto tables in four large buildings.  One building held rare and unusual books.  Another building was for fiction, another for non-fiction, and the fourth for children’s books.  Can you imagine?

I did buy a few books – books on art, gardening, and cooking.  No novels this time.

However, it was what I found outside the rare and unusual book building that intrigued me the most.  As I headed out of the building with my bag of books, I came upon a bulletin board.  Mind you, the wind was practicing for the snow storm we would get later in the evening.  That made the items on the bulletin board dance, which is how they caught my eye.  It was a large bulletin board covered with items that had fallen out of books.  As the books were being unpacked from boxes, some gave up their bookmarks, which might be anything.  The bulletin board held photographs, hand-made cards from little children to moms, postcards, and lots more.  A sign said that we should help ourselves if we, in turn, wanted bookmarks.  I went back into the building and asked if we were really and truly allowed to take things from the bulletin board.  Yes, they said.  I felt like I’d found treasure.  I gingerly removed a postcard from Australia, a postcard of Princeton (both very old), five newspaper articles from 1935 about the movie David Copperfield and specifically about the actor Freddie Bartholomew.  I also found a cardboard stand-up character (very, very old) of a gentleman filling his pipe with Prince Albert tobacco.  It’s about ten inches high and was probably set on a shelf in a store to advertise the tobacco.  Lastly was a newspaper clipping from 1944 – an interview with Winston Churchill.


Three of the newspaper articles were held together by an interesting paperclip.  You can see it in the scanned image below.

Freddie Bartholomew

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  1. Lucky you!!

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