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Did You Never

At last the painting is finished.  I think everyone gave up on me and believed I never would finish it.  I surprised them and finished it in about ten days.  The first half took almost two years.  Not bad.

The thing that spurred me on to finish it was a poem by Brenda Elmore.  April is Poetry Month and North End Gallery is celebrating.  Many poets submitted poetry.  Artists in the gallery chose poems and did artwork for them.  I hope to add the poem I chose (waiting for the poet’s permission) so you can see how it works.  The first three words of the poem are Did You Never so that is what I’m calling the painting.


This is done with oils and is the largest painting I’ve ever done.  It was also the hardest and I’ve written about this painting many, many times in my blog.  I did quite a few studies before I did the painting.  I also started over several times.  This particular canvas only has this one attempt on it, but the previous canvas had several attempts in layer after layer.  If Brenda Elmore gives me permission, I’ll add her poem to this blog.

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