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Illustrated Poem

Poet, Brenda Elmore, has graciously granted me permission to show her poem here with my painting.  Thank you, Brenda.



by Brenda Elmore

Did you never hear my stories as I whispered in your ears

As I laid you down and held you close and loved you oh, my dears?

As I smoothed your blankets down, and protected you with prayers

As I sent you off to dreamland before I tiptoed down the stairs?


Words of magic, tales, and heroes who set out upon a quest,

To discover through their deeds, their very worst and best.

Of maidens bright and beautiful, of lovers bold and true

Of promises made, then broken, then redeemed, and made anew.


Did the worlds I laid before you set your minds and souls alight?

Fill you with adventures as you journeyed through the night?

For wealth I couldn’t give you, having none that was my own;

But the treasures in my mind — those I gave to you alone.


Yours to squander or to treasure, yours to spend or give away;

Practice largess through the nighttime, spending all before the day.

But to say I had no treasure but my words just isn’t true,

For my darlings, oh, my children, I was rich for I had you.

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