This project took me the longest of all the ones I’ve done in pen and ink.  I made every single flower petal unique.  I could only work on it for an hour at a time and would move on to another project that wasn’t quite so challenging, then come back to it later.  Finally done.


2 comments on “Sunflower

  1. Shelley:

    I just love these.

    auntie j

    • Thank you! It’s the first time in years that I look forward to working on a project. As a portrait artist, there’s a lot of pressure to get a likeness. The pen and ink drawings are just absolutely fun. No pressure. Just fun. I do sketch out the main subject first and as I do the pen and ink, I think about what should be darker or lighter, but other than that – it’s spontaneous. I can hardly wait to start another one.

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