My First Bird

I’m disappointed with this first bird.  It’s supposed to be an Oriole.  Failed miserably, but am going to try again.  After all, I did learn quite a bit with this attempt.  I think I rushed too much with this one.


6 comments on “My First Bird

  1. Maybe you didn’t match what you had in your head (Birds?) but you did a very nice drawing. I would share this tip with you…. never never apologize for your art. Just post it and smile, and say how much fun you had as you learn to do “Orioles”
    Nice first bird drawing!!!!!

    • Yes, I suppose so. I like to read about how a person struggled with a project and finally overcame it; and what they did to overcome it. Perhaps I ought to have not posted anything until I accomplished my goal so that I could just show the best one. Yesterday I worked all day on a new Oriole and feel very pleased with it. Still just a little bit to do before I show it. I don’t think anyone would know its an Oriole without being told, but without using the bright orange and yellow-orange of an Oriole, it’s as close as I can get. I really like it and am anxious to finish it and share it.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and for your wonderful compliment, too. I will take your advice to heart as well.


  2. You shouldn’t be disappointed at all!

    • Thank you. I didn’t match what I had in my head. I guess that means I have to change my expectation. I did a second bird (also supposed to be an Oriole) and didn’t make that one match that expectation either. The pens I’m using don’t let me get the fine detail I need and so I’m going to try again using a quill pen. Something new.

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