This pen and ink drawing was done for the “Masquerade” theme at the North End Gallery for October.  I discovered that seahorses can change color to match their environment.


5 comments on “Seahorse

  1. Awesome drawing Shelley! Love it.

    • Thanks! I’m honored that you love it. I’m working on a sheep and a dragon fly today. Getting ready to do a Saw Whet Owl. Any suggestions for subjects?

      • Yes, I like going to the subject I’m most drawn to, no pun intended. It may be from the feeling the subject gives me or the challenge of not know how to deal with some particular detail. When I work on a children’s book it is carefully scripted, so for me it is like work. When I pick a subject that excites me, then it becomes an experience to ge lost in. Does that make any sense? Doing art of the wildlife I photograph is alway fun because I have such a strong sense of that moment when I was there with that animal. I hope that isn’t too much information. 🙂

        • I understand. People have been giving me suggestions and some I hear and would never have thought of on my own. Sometimes I don’t want to try the thing because I have no connection to it, but when I start studying the thing and learning about it, it helps me become connected and then ideas come to me. I have 27 Guinea Fowl and would like to do some art work about them. I’m learning a lot about them by sitting with them in the aviary or just nearby. They roam all around the yard and lay down underneath things to nap. They stay close together. I have a baby monitor and can listen to them from my office. We’ll see what art work comes from it. Lots, I hope. So I understand what you mean about being drawn to a subject versus something just being work because it’s all laid out for you. I appreciate hearing it.

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