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Spiritual White Space

I’ve been listening to a podcast by Bonnie Gray, author of the book Spiritual White Space.  Below is a podcast with Bonnie, created on frequency.fm.

I’m a member of a group of artists who meet bi-weekly to study and learn how we can be prophetic artists, artists with a heart for God, artists who are gifted and called to reveal God to the world around us through our work.  Some of us paint, carve, write, sew, or build.  We’re finding that we’re inundated with busy-ness in our lives and that its squeezing out time for the creativity that we’re called to do.  Just about everything we’re busy with is legitimate and honorable endeavors – family, work, home, church.  Creativity gets pushed off the end.  While we forget about it, we find ourselves feeling at a loss.  We have something to say and that something, bottled up within us, wants to explode.  Its like carbonated water in a corked bottle.  All the busy-ness we attend to day by day shakes the bottle and eventually the cork just flies off.  This isn’t really the best way to create.  That mess of carbonated water exploding all over the room could have been poured out gently and thoughtfully onto canvas, paper, fabric, or wood and shared with others so they can get a glimpse of God’s love.

Listen for yourself to Bonnie’s interview with Frequency.fm and see if this resonates with you in your own life.


For more information, you can go to:

One comment on “Spiritual White Space

  1. Thanks for this…I will try to listen soon…(big sigh) when I’m not so busy…just kidding, hope to listen within a day or two. I try to set aside creative time daily, but I allow life to break it up into bits and pieces and its hard my artwork completed.

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