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Fifteen Minutes a Day – day one and a half

Day One and a HalfDid more than 15 minutes yesterday (day one).  In fact I worked on this for more than an hour.  I was teaching a class last evening and we worked on a drawing of a small book.  Then we got out colored pencils and that made it a lot of fun, so I worked longer than 15 minutes.  Here is is that project, at this moment.  Still needs much more work, but shows promise.  The project is being done with Rembrandt oil based colored pencils.  Just like with watercolor, you start light and work to dark.  Also like watercolor, you begin by coloring lightly in the darker areas of the image and with each layer the colors build upon one another.

In this case. I started with a yellow pencil and covered the entire object.  I felt that even under the red of the book cover, there is a golden color.  So I started with that.  I did tiny, light circles of yellow over the whole thing.  After that first layer, I began with some red, doing the same thing – small light pressure circles.  My goal was that I not see any “lines” in the drawing.  I wanted a smooth look.  Funny thing, that.  When I was a little girl, my dad taught me to draw and he used the little circular motion on the paper as well.

Right now I’m working on the right end of the book.  The golden gilded edges of the paper are very dark after all these decades.  To get my drawing that dark will take many layers.  I have to work with a light pressure or else the paper take on a shine that won’t take any further layers.  Paper has a grain that you might only see with a microscope or perhaps a magnifying glass.  If you draw with the colored pencil in strokes across the paper, the pigment will not go down into the tiny little dips of texture.  I have to hold the pencil more upright and keep the tip very sharp – almost needle sharp – with an electric pencil sharpener.  By working in tiny circles and keeping the pencil upright, I can get the pigment even down into those little tiny holes in the surface of the paper.

So we’ll see how it goes.


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