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New Day, New Way

This was the best Christmas ever.

I got a brand new iPad Pro for Christmas. Got the iPad, an Apple pencil, a keyboard, and an awesome set of headphones.  Tonight I downloaded a new software called Astropad.  It lets me see the screen of my iMac right there on my iPad.  I can bring up any app and use it from the iPad, but I can use all of my Adobe products that way.  So I brought up Photoshop and used the iPad and Apple pencil to do this first (very rough and crude) drawing.  I see a LOT of potential with this.  I love the way the pencil works.  No more trying to draw my lines with a mouse.  I can work as if I’m using a pencil or paintbrush on paper.

Even though this first painting is indeed crude, I want to share it with you so that we can both see my progress as the days march forward.  I’ve got BIG ideas swimming around in my creative brain.  Lets see where it goes from here.

Man Bear with Stubble

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