colored pencil

Fifteen Minutes a Day – day one and a half

Did more than 15 minutes yesterday (day one).  In fact I worked on this for more than an hour.  I was teaching a class last evening and we worked on a drawing of a small book.  Then we got out colored pencils and that made it a lot of fun, so I worked longer than […]

Oh the places we go when we read

  When I was a little girl, we had a bookmobile that came to our village every two weeks.  When school ended for the summer, my favorite thing to do was check out a pile of books from the bookmobile.  I would lay on a blanket in the front lawn and read and read and read.

Me by Clara

A delightful side benefit of filming the dinner for the documentary was that I got my portrait drawn by a future famous artist. A family of four were among the guests for the dinner.  The two daughters were a delight.  They wanted to be helpful, enjoyed being there, and they helped served a plate of […]

Day 12 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

Einstein.  I’m so glad I drew him again.  I like this one much better.  As with the crab drawing, this one is done with the Prismacolor Premiere and Derwent Coloursoft pencils on Strathmore Artagan Coal Black paper.  I have only drawn one other dog in my entire life.  That was the Cocker Spaniel puppy (below) […]

Day 11 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

Well, here I go again.  I didn’t get much done in fifteen minutes.  I’m going to continue this project though.  I’ll show you the final outcome. Einstein was my Day One drawing, but this time I’m going to draw him for real.  I enjoyed working on the crab so much that I think Einstein is […]

Day 9 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

This drawing is done with Prismacolor colored pencils on black paper.

Day 6 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

Meet Buffy. I’m filming a documentary about Sustainable Farming and have gotten to know this young lady quite well.  The first day we met, she looked me over and hopefully gave me thumbs – er, rather, claws up. The turkeys are in the middle of raising their poults (babies).  The mothers are excellent teachers – […]