Dragon Fly Minus The Fiery Breath

I was sitting in my booth at the National Oyster Festival and someone suggested that I draw a dragon fly.  TaDa!  Here’s to you, requester!

Japanese Paper Doll

When I was a little girl, I loved paper dolls.  My favorite was a paper doll of Shirley Temple.  In honor of my beautiful daughter-in-law Naoko, I’ve made a new favorite paper doll.

String of Paper Dolls

  Have you ever cut a string of paper dolls?  Fold up a piece of paper so it’s like an accordion.  Then cut just half of a person (right half or left half).  Unfold your accordion and what do you see?  My string of paper dolls was not really cut out of paper, but a […]

Meet O-Riole

O-Riole evolved from one thing to another.  I drew him out, then jumped in and started filling it in, keeping in mind that I wanted dark darks to stand separate from the rest.  About half of the Oriole was dark dark.  I was very pleased with how he turned out.  I decided to work in […]

Oriole Number 2

This one doesn’t look like an Oriole either, but I learned a lot (again).  Use an even finer pen.  Use a good light.  Work bigger.

My First Bird

I’m disappointed with this first bird.  It’s supposed to be an Oriole.  Failed miserably, but am going to try again.  After all, I did learn quite a bit with this attempt.  I think I rushed too much with this one.


This project took me the longest of all the ones I’ve done in pen and ink.  I made every single flower petal unique.  I could only work on it for an hour at a time and would move on to another project that wasn’t quite so challenging, then come back to it later.  Finally done.